Terms and Conditions

I. The holiday home rental contract is concluded by means of an offer and acceptance by e-mail or a separate pdf document. These terms and conditions are part of every rental contract. It contains the concrete designation of the house according to the website, the concrete period and the number of guests (including infants and babies), any special services and the final price for all services. 

II. the holiday home rental contract is concluded between the guest and the owner of the house. Sandra Tuchscherer acts as owner. It is a business between private persons. §355 BGB is not applicable. 

III. payments are made exclusively to the owner of the house. After booking / contract approval by the owner, 30% of the rental price is due as a deposit to the landlord. As long as the deposit has not been paid, the landlord can also assign the house to another party. Three weeks before arrival the remaining rent and the deposit have to be paid. From this point on, the tenant is automatically in default. If the rent and deposit are not paid in full, the owner can refuse to hand over the house. His claim for payment of the full rent remains however 

IV. Animals can only be let into the houses themselves after consultation and explicit written confirmation by the owner. There is a charge of 50€ per stay.

V. Additional costs such as water, gas and electricity are included in the price. Possible heating costs by overconsumption will always be charged separately. 

VI. A cancellation of the booking is possible at any time. In the event of cancellation 60 days or more before the start of the trip, the tenant must pay the full rental price as a replacement. However, if the rented property can be let to another party, the cancelling party will receive a refund in the amount of the rental fee for the new rental. However, 19 % of the rental price shall be forfeited as a lump sum in the event of cancellation. The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended. 

VII. The guest (tenant) is entitled to use the rental object including furniture and objects of daily use during the 
agreed rental period. He undertakes to treat the rented property and its inventory as well as any communal facilities with the greatest possible care. Damages are to be reported immediately. Tenant and his 
Accompanying persons are jointly and severally liable to the full extent for any damage to inventory and substance caused during the rental period. For blockages of the sewerage system caused by the tenant or his companions through their 
improper use (diapers, tampons, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, kitchen waste, etc.) are fully at the expense of the customer. 

VIII. The owner shall provide the guest with the necessary travel and detailed descriptions of the house in good time before arrival. 

IX. The owner will inform the tenants in good time about any disruptions to services (damage by previous tenants, disruptions in the provision of linen, illness of the housekeeper) and will try to find solutions.

X. In the event of premature departure, there is no right to a refund of the rental price. The landlord will however 
endeavour to let the house to another tenant and offset the income accordingly. 

XI. In the event of unforeseeable damage/failure to perform (e.g. burst water pipes, etc.), the Lessee is obliged to cooperate with the Lessor within the framework of the statutory provisions, to avoid or minimise any damage and to inform the Lessor immediately. 

XII. In principle, arrival is possible from 16.00 hours. Arrivals after 7 p.m. without prior arrangement can be charged by the house administrators with 20 € per hour or part thereof. 
The departure takes place until 10.00 o‘clock at the latest. On departure the house key has to be handed in. 

XIII. the current house descriptions/instructions for use of the owner is content of the rental contract. 

XIV. the house is equipped in a high quality. The owner requires a deposit to secure the house against damages. 
Deposit and repayment of the deposit is arranged between the owner and the tenant. Tenants are not allowed to offset deposit payments against other claims of the owner. 

XV. On the day of departure, the rented property will be handed over by the tenant pre-cleaned. Pre-cleaning includes cleaning the kitchenette, washing and putting away the dishes, removing the remaining food and all waste, removing all items that are not part of the house inventory. If this is not done, the owner can deduct additional costs from the deposit. 

XV.I All the facilities of a house are used at your own risk and peril. Children have to be supervised and the dangers in and around the house have to be pointed out by their parents or guardians. 

XVII. Should it be necessary for reasons of danger prevention for persons, the apartment or furnishings, the landlord or his agents reserve the right to enter the holiday apartment without the knowledge of the guest. 

XVIII. If the house is provided with internet access, no liability is assumed for the proper functioning of the equipment and the service of the provider. Claims for damages due to a missing internet connection or similar are excluded. The tenant is responsible for all internet activities during the agreed rental period. The Provider shall store the connection data for up to 6 months, so that a possible call of criminally relevant and chargeable pages can be traced. 

XIX. The rental object is always provided in perfect condition. On existing, not yet 
The guest will be informed about the repaired defects at handover. Further defects in the holiday home itself, its facilities or other defects or faults must be reported by the customer to the landlord or the contact person of the landlord on site immediately (max. 24 hours) after arrival. If the notification is omitted, the client has no claims against the landlord, as far as the landlord would have been able to compensate the defect or disturbance, maximum 
within 72h and the damage is considered to be caused by the renter. 

XX. In case of impossibility to provide the service, the compensation for damages is limited to the amount of the rental price.

Sandra Tuchscherer 
Freelance Senior Artdirector

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